What Should We Name This Adorable Anamorphic Pot Leaf Mascot

Meet Our Leafy Companion!

OHMJ.Net Mascot

Welcome to a pivotal moment in Ohio’s greener pastures! We’re beyond excited to introduce the newest (and arguably the cutest) member of the OHMJ family. This playful, anamorphic pot leaf character embodies the spirit of joy and the freedom that comes with our community’s progress.

Help Us Name Our Mascot!

While our leafy friend is full of personality and charm, there’s one thing missing—a name! And that’s where we need your creativity. Dive into the fun and suggest a name that captures the essence of our cheerful mascot. Is it a Herb? A Bud? Or perhaps something more whimsical?

How to Participate:

  • Submit your name suggestion in the comment section below.
  • Share why you think your chosen name is a perfect fit.
  • Join the conversation and see what others are proposing.

What’s in a Name?

The chosen name will be more than just a label; it’s a symbol of our collective journey towards a brighter, more informed cannabis future in Ohio. Plus, the winning entry will receive a special feature on our website and exclusive OHMJ merchandise!

Let’s Get Creative!

Think vibrant, think unique, think of a name that rolls off the tongue as smoothly as the best strain you’ve ever had. Let your imagination run wild and become a part of OHMJ history!

Note: Please keep it friendly and fun – all suggestions should be respectful and in the spirit of our community’s values.

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