Ohio’s New Marijuana Law Faces Unjust Changes: Take Action to Protect Voter Rights

Last month, over two million Ohio voters decisively supported Issue 2, legalizing both medical and recreational adult use of marijuana. This landmark ballot initiative was set to take effect early next year, finally aligning Ohio with 19 other states that have progressive cannabis laws.

However, just before implementation, Republican lawmakers have proposed drastic changes that would fundamentally undermine the purpose and promise of Issue 2. Through House Bill 253, legislators aim to:

  • Eliminate home grow cultivation, denying Ohioans their right to access affordable cannabis
  • Impose a tax increase to 20% on cannabis sales, hurting accessibility
  • Cut the legal possession limit in half to just 2.5 ounces
  • Remove social equity provisions to support impacted communities
  • Set strict THC caps on products, limiting medical effectiveness
  • Reduce dispensaries by 60%, constraining consumer access
  • Continue arresting people for possession until stores open in 2024
Ohio's New Marijuana Law Faces Unjust Changes
Ohio’s New Marijuana Law Faces Unjust Changes

This proposed bill is an affront to the clear will of voters. And it stems from the very lawmakers who refused to advance cannabis reform previously.

Now, the future of marijuana legalization in Ohio hangs in the balance. This is not what citizens voted for, and it subverts the statewide democratic process itself.

Concerned citizens must make their voices heard before these unjust changes become law.

Here’s what you can do to take action immediately:

With your involvement, we can push back against unethical political maneuvers and defend the fair legalization framework Ohioans chose. This is about more than just cannabis itself – our very right to democratic participation is at stake.

Please act quickly and decisively. Together, we can protect voter rights and ensure politicians serve the people’s interests over their own. Ohio’s cannabis future depends on you.

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