Ohio Marijuana FAQs

What is the purpose of Ohio’s Chapter 3780?

Chapter 3780 of the Ohio Revised Code, also known as the “Act to Control and Regulate Adult Use Cannabis”, authorizes and regulates the cultivation, processing, sale, purchase, possession, home grow, and use of adult-use cannabis by adults aged 21 and over. The controlled and regulated sales and use of adult-use cannabis are permitted for public purposes such as reducing illegal marijuana sales, providing safer regulated products, limiting out-of-state cannabis transportation into Ohio, providing funding for social equity and job creation programs, and improving social equity issues1,4.

What are the key provisions of Chapter 3780?

Some of the key provisions of Chapter 3780 include:Adults 21 and older can possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis and 15 grams of cannabis extract
Adults can grow up to 6 plants individually and 12 plants per household with multiple adults
A 10% tax will be levied on cannabis sales in addition to regular state and local sales taxes
Tax revenue will fund social equity and jobs programs, addiction treatment, and local governments

What restrictions and regulations will be in place?

Chapter 3780 puts in place various restrictions and regulations, such as:Smoking cannabis is prohibited in public spaces, subject to the rules of property owners

*Driving under the influence of cannabis remains illegal, with existing OVI laws applying
*Employers can still maintain drug-free workplace policies and are not required to accommodate employee use
*Strict advertising, packaging and labeling standards will be set by the Division of Cannabis Control
*Local governments may limit or prohibit adult-use cannabis businesses in their jurisdictions

How will the adult-use cannabis industry be implemented and regulated?

The newly created Division of Cannabis Control, under the Department of Commerce, will oversee the licensing, regulation, investigation and enforcement of the adult-use cannabis industry. The Division must begin issuing adult-use licenses within 9 months, by September 7, 2024. Existing medical marijuana businesses will have early access to convert to adult-use licenses. The Division will establish detailed rules and standards for cultivation, processing, testing, packaging, labeling, advertising and more

When will the various provisions of the law take effect?

The fundamental provisions of Chapter 3780 became effective on December 7, 2023. The sections related to personal possession, use and home grow are already in effect. However, the adult-use business licensing process and retail sales will take longer to implement, with the first sales expected in late 2024 based on the mandated timeline. The Division of Cannabis Control will roll out additional rules and regulations over time.

Can the Ohio legislature make changes to the law passed by voters?

Yes, since the Act to Control and Regulate Adult Use Cannabis was passed as an initiated statute rather than a constitutional amendment, the Ohio legislature has the power to amend and modify the provisions of Chapter 3780 at any time, even before the December 7, 2023 effective date. Some Republican lawmakers have already proposed changes to the tax allocation, home grow provisions and more. However, outright repeal seems unlikely given public support.

The above questions were derived from the full text of Ohio Issue 2. If you have any further questions please let us know!