Ode to Shiva Skunk

Oh, Shiva Skunk, with scent so bold,
In emerald hues, your leaves unfold.
From Ohio’s soils, now you rise,
Underneath the wide Midwestern skies.

Ode to Shiva Skunk Strain of Marijuana
Ode to Shiva Skunk Strain of Marijuana

Your buds, like clustered jewels, gleam,
In dreams of many, you reign supreme.
With whispers of the earth and rain,
You bring relief, you ease the pain.

Oh, child of Shiva, mighty and vast,
In your shadow, worries are cast.
A dance of joy in every puff,
Your gentle touch, yet strong enough.

Inhale, exhale, in rhythmic grace,
A journey starts in your embrace.
Through minds that wander, thoughts that skunk,
You guide them home, to peace, to funk.

Mystic Shiva, your namesake proud,
In silent temples, chants aloud.
But here, in Ohio’s open land,
You find new soil, you find new sand.

For laughter, for solace, for moments so rare,
Your presence now floats in the air.
Shiva Skunk, in freedom’s light,
You’ve found a home, you’ve found your flight.

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